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Happy Anniversary from DOG TALK on its 500th show!

Last weekend the 500th show of Dog Talk (and Kitties Too!) aired on Peconic Public Broadcasting — over 9 years of consecutive weekly shows celebrating the human-animal bond in all its permutations.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to interview authors, artists and experts on far-ranging topics, from advice and health information, to bestselling books, and explorations into the natural world. Read more!

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite, back by popular demand. It was originally published on October 2, 2015. Enjoy!

31 Reasons to Ditch Meat for Vegetarian Awareness Month

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite, back by popular demand. It was originally published on October 2, 2015. Enjoy!

31 Reasons to Ditch Meat for Vegetarian Awareness Month

In honor of Vegetarian Awareness Month, here are 31 reasons — one for each day of the month — to eat more plants and skip the meat.

Vegetarianism is Good for Your Health; Click the image to read the entire article!

14 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health

How to Keep Your Local Feral Cats Safe This Winter

Feral cats call the outdoors their home, all year round and in all weather conditions. While they are skilled at surviving harsh weather, and finding their own food and shelter, they can always use a helping hand during the winter months. As temperatures drop, there are plenty of simple ways you can help the cats in your community stay even warmer and safer this winter. Read more:

14 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health

Watch Bacon Lovers Meet an Adorable Piglet for the First Time

Have you watched the Buzzfeed video of bacon lovers meeting a piglet for the first time yet? If not, now’s your chance. Read more:

14 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health

This Is the Price Pigs Are Paying for Pork

Action Needed:
This week another undercover investigation has brought to light horrific cruelty to pigs at the hands of the nation’s fourth largest pork producer, raising more concerns about the trouble with standard industry practices and the ongoing and systemic abuse found within the industry.

The footage was taken by an investigator for Last Chance for Animals (LCA) over a period of four months this spring at a Christensen Farms facility in Minnesota where thousands of mother pigs are confined to gestation crates for their entire lives. Read more:

14 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health

Animal Welfare Standards for Organic Agriculture Production

Action Needed:
Please email Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and urge him to improve animal welfare standards in organic agriculture. USA: Factory Farms Should Not Be Able to Meet “USDA Organic” Standards. Click Image to Read more!

Pet Safety Coalition information:

Pet Safe Coalition, Inc.
3300 Beltagh Avenue
Wantagh, NY 11793


The Pet Safe Coalition is an all-volunteer organization and was originally created in 1999 as a working idea to assist the overlooked pet populations from disasters.

Please click here to to view important information about how to keep your pet safe when disaster strikes



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PETA Undercover Investigation

Horses' 36-Hour Journey to Slaughter Exposed! Every year, tens of thousands of American horses are killed for their flesh. They are forced to endure journeys of hundreds of miles in cramped trucks—often in extreme weather without food or a drop of water...

8 Smart Species Challenge How We Think of Animals

Animals are smarter than we thought. This matters not just because it’s cool and fascinating. It matters because people use lack of intelligence as the reason to treat humans and non-human animals differently.

It’s okay to eat animals and experiment on them, the rationale goes, because they are just dumb animals. Science is biting itself in the butt on this one by continually discovering that animals aren’t so different from us after all, which will make it harder to justify experimenting on them. Read more by clicking any image.

elephantThe Circus - A Nightmare For Animals

Once again, Albany played host to the annual dreary migration of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus as it forced its performing animals to entertain the crowds for a three-day engagement in May. Again, the elephants were prodded as they marched from their ...

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PAWS Recognizes 5th Graders at John Mandracchia Sawmill Intermediate School

A middle school class of 5th graders at John Mandracchia Sawmill Intermediate School in Commack, NY., submitted essays on various not for profits groups.

Christopher Zizzadoro and Jospeh Pascuzzi are two of the children who wrote of PAWS, and their essays won. PAWS went to the school two weeks earlier, and the school also presented PAWS with a check and read the two essays.

We would like to acknowledge that they raised $50 for us and thank the school and Christopher and Joseph for their fine essays by publishing their essays on our web site. We are thrilled with all the kids for their focus and support of PAWS, and the school itself, and wish to make sure that they get the recognition they deserve. THANK YOU!

Click Either Image to Read the essays!

14 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health

14 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health

Do yourself a favor: rev up your cat’s purr motor. You will both feel great.

It is already well-established fact that having cats or dogs (or bunnies, etc.) in the family is good for your health. Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledges it. Many studies have found a variety of health benefits we derive from petting and interacting with companion animals.

Click Image to Read more!


All Eyes On Suffolk County as 1st NY Municipality To PASS Puppy Mill

Bill Bill Signed By County Executive Steve Bellone on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Click Image to Read more!

Tail of Toxics:

Improving Chemical Safety Without Animals

Chemicals are in many of the products we use every day and when it comes to testing their safety, the most common method - animal experimentation - leaves us with unreliable answers.

Please watch and share this animation about the flaws of animal tests, and see the modern testing paradigm that will produce safer chemicals and a healthier environment. One of the most important steps we can all take to speed up the transition to safer, more humane science is spreading awareness and information. Please share the Tail of Toxics video and take action at www.TailofToxics.org.

Pet First AidU.S. Research Lab Lets Livestock Suffer in Quest for Profit

Animal Welfare at Risk in Experiments for Meat Industry.

At a remote research center on the Nebraska plains, scientists are using surgery and breeding techniques to re-engineer the farm animal to fit the needs of the 21st-century meat industry. The potential benefits are huge: animals that produce more offspring, yield more meat and cost less to raise.There are, however, some complications.

Read more.

Pet First AidGoat and Gosling Make Unlikely Friends, Help Each Other Heal

Unlikely friendships abound in animal shelters, but it’s not every day that you hear about a goat and gosling becoming the best of buddies.

Read more.

Pet First Aid7 Things To Do If You Find Stray Kittens

What should you do if you find stray kittens? It depends on how old they are, whether their mother is with them, and how much time you can devote to them.

Read more.

Where Do Pet Store Puppies Come From
A compassionately rendered & tasteful video educating people about puppy mills.

Pet First AidSunburns and Cancer:

Protect Your Pet:

Did you know your pet’s fur may not be enough to protect them from sun damage? “Dogs and cats are susceptible to skin damage from the sun’s UV...

Read more

Pet First AidBlack Is The New White

Heard the one about black animals being less likely to get adopted?

Dr. Emily Weiss digs into a data set of nearly 300,000 dogs and cats and proposes that it may be time to put this puppy to bed.

Read the blog and share your thoughts.

Pet First AidTake care of your furry family member. The American Red Cross Pet First Aid app puts veterinary advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand.

Get the app and be prepared to act when called upon. With videos, interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know Pet First Aid.

Visit this link for more information.

Disclaimer: The below contains information which although received from reliable organizations, has not been confirmed by PAWS.

Grieving Goat Transforms After Sweet Reunion With His Best Friend

This week Animal Place shared the story of one heartbroken little goat named Mr. G who had seemingly given up on life when his rescuers realized the problem was that he was overcome with grief over the loss of his best friend, a burro named Jellybean.

The two had lived together for years but were split up and taken in by two different sanctuaries after being confiscated from a neglectful situation. Mr. G was taken in by Animal Place’s Rescue Ranch in Grass Valley, Calif.

Read more:

Why Supervising Dogs and Kids Doesn’t Work
This article emphasizes the importance of knowing a dog's body language to avoid expressions of aggression on the part of the dog.

This type of information that can help keep some dogs from being dumped at the pound for what is labeled bad dog behavior

Link to article:

Justice for Puppy Doe!
Tell Craigslist to Help Stop Violence Against Pets

Cruel and Inhumane

This petition will be sent to Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist's CEO. On August 31st 2013, a young, small, female dog named ‘Puppy Doe’ was found brutally tortured in a Quincy, Massachusetts park, and we were all left wondering who could let this happen to any animal. The dog’s injuries were so violent and severe that the only humane thing to do was to euthanize her. She had been starved, burned, stabbed, and limbs pulled from her joints in what’s been described as a “medieval’ style torture.

It was later determined that the original owner of the dog had to give her up due to breed restrictions. According to media reports, the owner decided to put the dog, named Kiya, up for adoption on Craigslist. Craigslist is often a go-to source for animal abusers looking for victims because it is anonymous and there is no accountability or screening process like regular shelters and rescue groups provide. I'm asking Craigslist to stop these re-homing posts, or only allow registered shelters and rescues to post adoptable pets so it is never again a part of tragedies like what happened to Puppy Doe.

Read More and Take Action - Sign the Petition!
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Puppy Mills as You’ve Never Seen Them:
Cruel. Inhumane. And far too often, legal.

Cruel and Inhumane

The images you see here, taken by USDA inspectors, are outrageous. It's hard to believe, but they depict real conditions at puppy mills, large-scale commercial breeding facilities where profit is put ahead of the well being of the dogs. And what's worse, many of the conditions you see in these photos are completely legal.

Across America, people shopping in pet stores are often told the puppies for sale don't come from puppy mills, but instead come from USDA-licensed breeders. According to ASPCA research, 71 percent of Americans believe a USDA license means the animals receive humane treatment. But does it really? Or do pet stores promote that myth to falsely reassure customers?

Most Americans also believe dogs should have daily exercise outside cages, routine veterinary care and more than six inches of cage space around their bodies. None of these are required under federal rules. That's why the ASPCA launched a database of thousands of photos like these—we want prospective puppy buyers to be able to see for themselves where pet store puppies really come from.
Donate Today
The tool allows the public to search by breeder's name or by pet store to get an inside look at what life is like for their prospective pet's parents. Consumers can use our new tool to understand exactly what it means when we say that most pet store puppies come from puppy mills.

We think the public should know what life is really like for the thousands of dogs suffering in puppy mills throughout the country. We believe that once the public is as outraged as we are, we can effect real change for animals.

We don't believe dogs should suffer for profit, and we're working around the clock to change the status quo. The ASPCA is deeply committed to ending suffering in puppy mills. We invite you to join us in our fight to end animal cruelty across the country by making a contribution today.

Thank you for helping us stand up for animals—together, we're their best hope.

Please share this notice!

Dr Forshey, the Ohio state veterinarian, confirmed that they are working on identifying the cause of death in several dogs. They suspect that it is a virus, possible Circo virus. This virus has not been found in dogs before. (It is commonly found commonly in pigs.)

They have sent tissue samples to UC Davis, which is the only lab that can identify the virus. Ohio State has already ruled out common causes like salmonella, parvovirus, campylobacter, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE).

He thinks they will have it figured out by Monday and will have a national news release. Ohio is the only state seeing it so far.

The important thing is that dog owners need to get their dog to the vet ASAP at the first sign of vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Dr Forshey indicated that most of the dogs are surviving if treated early. There is, of course, no vaccine available.

Please share this information to your own Facebook feed so we can reach as many dog owners as possible.

Read the article on the Ohio Department of Agriculture site.


Are you a coffee enthusiast? During the summer, I’m a sucker for an iced coffee, slightly sweet with extra ice. Many of us reach for our faithful cup of joe every morning, and some can’t get the morning started without it!

Read more:

California Dog Fighting Ring looking for white dogs (esp. Pyrenees & Shepherds) for Bait Dogs

Dear Friends,
I have been informed, via the Rescue grapevine, that there is a large California Fighting Dog Breeder that is adopting white dogs from shelters and rescues (in state and across all the U.S.). He has already contacted a GEORGIA rescue about a Pyrenees--however, if he wants "white dogs... because they show the blood better," we need to be wary of anyone who inquires about adopting a white dog. Although he is focusing on Pyrenees and white Shepherds... I'm assuming he would also take white Boxers, etc., so we must be careful about who comes to adopt any of our shelter or rescue white dogs... I'm sending an excerpt from the email I received below. Pass along to your rescue groups and other state shelters.

The Dangers of Craigslist!
Begging all of you to read and pass this on! You can save a life!

This is from Kendra in Atlanta, who recites just one of many horror stories of animals being adopted on Craigslist ... Read More ...

Dogs are dying:

Many of you know that I do a lot of educating in the Atlanta area about the dangers of re homing a pet through craigslist. I flag the backyard breeder ads and flippers (those who take your dog and resell them). I send out a basic form email already composed to anyone else who looks legit but uninformed of the dangers of using such a site as CL. I do this daily and though it is extremely time taxing, Ive prevented a lot of dogs and cats going to a horrible home.

So many people I email tell me they simply had no idea that such evil is out there. I find it shocking how naive some tend to be, but that reminds me of the importance of what I am doing. Ive helped positively rehome over 100 dogs just in this year alone. I am writing this because I want to encourage each of you to just take 15 min a day and go to your local craiglist pets section and flag the breeders who make our life of rescue that much more difficult and to educate others who truly are needing to re home their pet to find another avenue. If you would like the form email I send out along with the pics I use, I would be happy to send them to you. Email a few people every day. I promise you you will save a life just in the first few days of doing this! Dogs are taken for free off anyone who gives them away and sold to dog fighting rings, labs, etc. A dog who is loved and happy but his family cannot care for him anymore, often goes into the hands of someone the family felt good about. Often these people who take any pet for free or low cost has ill intentions and the dogs suffer for it. The owner has no idea ... usually never does. However, tonight I read something on my local CL section that has me in tears and very very upset! A woman got a call today from a local shelter saying a dog was brought in by animal control whose spine and back legs were broken and left in a bush. Apparently the dog had a micro chip and it was traced back to the original owner. That owner re-homed him last October to someone she found on craigslist. She thought the person who adopted her dog was wonderful and thought he would live out his years in happiness! She was dead wrong. This family was abusive and God only know what he suffered through since October. This dog did nothing. The person he trusted re-homed him to a stranger on CL. The dog suffered tremendously. I am sobbing as I write this. I am so effing angry that this is happening everyday just about everywhere. So I am asking you, all of you to please take just 15 min a day. No, make it 10!!! Take 10 little min out of your day and flag ads and email those that need that reminder using craigslist.

I guarantee that you will save a life! If you have any questions, please let me know!


Please remember that adopting a pet from the shelter means that you have saved a life.




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