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"A small pet is often an excellent companion for the sick, for long chronic cases especially….sometimes the only pleasure of an invalid confined for years to the same room";  Florence Nightingale, 1859

Our Seniors for Senior program does many wonderful things, one of which is we try to place senior animals who have lost their home due to the death or disability of their guardian who had no care plan in place for their companion (please see the tab on the home page “Estate Planning for your Pets”).  These senior animals usually go directly to a shelter where they have little chance of ever being adopted let alone not being euthanized immediately. They are discriminated against due to their age.  Not many people want an “old” animal.  What people do not see is the fact that this “old” animal has so much to offer.  He or she had once been a playful puppy or kitten who grew into its teenage years with adventure and curiosity, and then eased into the senior years and has provided companionship, security, devotion and unconditional love to its guardian. He or she is housebroken and trained, and a bit lazy at this point in life.   We think the best new home for such a loyal and wonderful, senior animal is to be adopted by a senior citizen.  Of course anyone who qualifies can adopt but it seems logical to place such an “old” soul with an “old” soul.  It is a symbiotic relationship which has proven to be beneficial to the senior citizen.  Studies have shown that pets play an important protective role in maintaining the owner’s health and well-being.  It is said that pet guardians (owners) have, lower blood pressure, less depression, lower stress levels, better mental health, better physical fitness, fewer general practitioner visits, higher survival rate one year post-coronary, lower healthcare expenditures and increased socialization. Animals can be instrumental in assisting a senior through the grieving process of losing a loved one.  Animals give their seniors a sense of responsibility, a reason to get out of bed (if one is needed) and they provide good old fashioned companionship.  PAWS has various programs which we are initiating or will be initiating to provide assistance to those Seniors who adopt these senior companions.

Imagine that you wake up one morning, and the person you love most in the world hugs your neck, waves a tearful good-bye, gets into a car and disappears down the road.  You worry because something in her voice was different this time, not like when she would drive to the grocery store only to return a couple of hours later with a bag of food for you.

This time, a lot of hours pass, and she doesn’t come back.  Someone you don’t know very well comes to the house to feed you dinner.  They say words you don’t understand the meaning of – nursing home, no other choice.

A day passes, and that same person comes back.  Only this time, he puts you in the back of his car and drives you to a place you’ve never been to before.

He gets you out of the car.  A nice lady walks up and tells him that older dogs don’t have a very good chance of getting adopted here.  You wonder what adopted is.  You hear the man tell the nice lady that his sister went to a nursing home and you belonged to her.  He can’t take care of you.  The nice lady looks sad.

The man gets in the car without you and drives off.

Another person you don’t know comes out and leads you to what looks like a cage with a concrete floor.  She puts you inside and closes the door.

There are a lot of dogs here, most of them younger than you.  You’re 10 – 70 in people years.  Some of the dogs are barking.  You hear the anxiousness in their barks, and you start to shake.  You wonder why the person you love went away, and what you did wrong to be left here.  ****Author Unknown****


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Meet Our Mascosts

Please meet Mr Midnight and Sweet Caroline, our first two seniors saved and adopted.  They are our Mascotts for our Seniors with Animals Project.  Their guardian was placed in a nursing home and these two and their sibling were placed in a kill shelter; unfortunately, their sibling was euthanized but we were able to save these two.  They are happily enjoying their new life with one of our volunteers. 





Even if you cannot adopt, won't you please consider fostering an animal. Any and all help is needed and appreciated! Click below to contact us!

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  • Please click the Tab Areas below to view all our Senior Pets.

  • Charlie and Copper



    Big Boy



    Schotzie and Daisy

  • Karma

  • Senior dogs at Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter!

    Update! Franklin and Woodstock are home Adopted!!

    2 male dogs 7 years old Franklin (Boxer/Lab) and Woodstock (Lab/Corgi) Franklin is fawn colored and Woodstock is yellow lab coloring. They are both neutered and mircochipped. Weighing approx. 65-70 lbs each. They are house and crate trained. They don't like fireworks or thunderstorms, just cover crate and they are happy ... look like they'll be happy with their new Mommy - and it looks like Colleen is Happy too!

  • Brothers From A Broken Home 3 Affectionate White Cats Need New Home

    Frank, Fred and Ed are three beautiful, super-affectionate asian-shorthair mixes, and all three have absolutely gorgeous pure white coats. They are adult brothers from the same litter, adopted as kittens from Manhattan AC&C (the city kill shelter). They grew up in a loving home, but their human parents have separated and neither can keep them anymore. All three are neutered and are comfortable with dogs, other cats, and small children. Check out their photos below!

    Frank is the handsomest of the bunch, with blue eyes (he was named for Sinatra) and an incredibly soft coat; he is a pleasure to pet! When he wants attention, he'll climb into your lap and just sit there, purring (one of his parents calls him a furry hot-water bottle), or he'll flop on his back at your feet, hoping for a belly rub.

    Fred is the most affectionate of the three; he will approach a complete stranger for attention and petting! He has beautiful, light green eyes, and when he rolls over for a tummy rub (which is often) the fur on his belly is the softest thing ever. His favorite place to be is in someone's lap. Fred wants to be everyone's best friend -- let him be yours!

    Ed is the most relaxed, and has striking yellow eyes. Of the three, he displays their asian lineage most clearly, with a leaner body and a distinctive triangular head. He's also the most inquisitive, and the most reserved; he won't demand attention, he'll just snuggle up next to you on the couch (although he does love a good scratch under the chin and behind the ears!).

    They have always lived together, so a new home that can take all three of them is preferred, but not required.

    They are a little under five years old, and all three are completely healthy, up-to-date on their shots, and FIV/FeLV-negative; copies of their vet paperwork will be provided.





I Want To Adopt 

We welcome any and all donations. You can make your check payable to PAWS and send to P.O. Box 861, Hicksville, New York 11802-0861. Or go to our Donations page link above.

Please remember that adopting a pet from the shelter means that you have saved a life.


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