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Urgent Reme

Reme the Pittie

This is the third dog in the past few months, we are trying to save from owner decided euthanasia: Charlie, Chance and now Reme. These dogs did nothing wrong, but their guardians can no longer keep them. These are three dogs who have done nothing wrong except they need a different home. Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society, Inc pulls from shelters those animals with behavioral issues; we pull hospice and sick animals- those who have “issues”; those that no one wants. These three dogs have NO issues other than their current “HUMANS”. Unfortunately, we work with families, and they will euthanize if necessary; if they need the animal gone…yes, veterinarians will euthanize perfectly healthy and young dogs; shelters will not take in or will euthanize. Animals are property, period. Please someone step up to offer these dogs a chance; their lives are literally in danger. There are hundreds of perfectly adoptable dogs being killed every day in NY alone; we truly understand this, Please help one of these three NOW.

Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society Inc, “Pioneers for animals” is working with KMW Dog Houses to save the life of Reme. This group saved his life the first time and they have found themselves trying to save his life again. Pioneers for animals is trying to help them, save Reme. - please read below and step up before it is too late:

Meet Reme. He is neutered, about 6 years old and UTD on all. 15 months ago, he was put out with his dog bed in front of his own home. His then ‘guardian” decided they no longer wanted him, so they literally put his bed and him to the curb, like garbage. Two woman, his guardian angels, rescued him and his bed from the curb and then found a forever home for him. Sadly, that home has now decided that he is not worth training- he seems to need leash manners and may have a prey drive. His current home is the one with the little girl in the below pictures. Reme has done absolutely nothing wrong- his life is in danger because his current human has decided that he is not worth the effort to train. He will do best in a home with no small animals. He is good with dogs his size and children. See pictures below.

Reme the PittieReme the PittieReme the PittieReme the Pittie